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Bank Of America Apk Prepaid App For Mobile / Android Download

Here we will guide you how to get Bank Of America Apk Prepaid App For Mobile. It allows to download for Android, IOS and Laptop.

After being so many years finally, something pulls round and that is what you were waiting for, yes! You are right. It’s bank of america apk app. It is the most advanced and handy App, which comes with a lot of features and functions.


After huge demand of readers that tell us few creative ways how to download apk App of Bank of America on Laptop, Mobile phones via Google play store or websites.

Bank of America Apk App is an Android version App that allows its user to manage their account in on more modern way like a laptop, window10 users, mobile phone, etc. Users can have this App while allowing their device to accept unknown sources.

In this article, I have gathered information in such a way that will be helpful for you and guide you step by step on what you should do to make your dream come true of downloading a banking app on your favorite devices.

More About BOA/ BOFA

BOA or BoFA, which stands for Bank of America, is an American international investment bank and monetary ruling company based in Charlotte, established in San Fransisco in 1998. It is one of the second higher-ranking bank groups in the United States.


BOA is grooming day by day, by introducing new techniques to its user, that how can they reach them by using these apps at their home. Moreover, they are well established and keep their customers up to date about banking apps, currently, they redesigned the banking app with so many new features, easy to use and understand. If you visit their official website, you will be amazed to see their every department well defined for all types of users.

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Features of APK Bank of America App

After few months of innermost practice, the bank of america published the apk app for its laptop, windows 10, and IOS and Android users flourished with a lot of advanced but easy methods and features. Now officially it’s available to everyone to download and can get its benefits at their comfort zone. Let’s scroll down to get its features.

Handling Bank Record

  • It helps you to have a critical look at your past activities related to credit and saving accounts.
  • Managing of banking loan, outlook contract either for buying of phone, property or car.
  • It helps to connect Merrill Edge and Merrill Lynch account transactions and balances.
  • It also notifies us when there is something inappropriate amount transaction or activity happen in the account, for that you need to set alarm setup.

Money Transaction

  • An easy and safe way of sending money via mobile number and email address, either in or out of USA accounts.
  • Transmit of heavy amount between your BOA accounts.

    Pay of Invoice

  • Enroll, redraft and drop off payment.
  • Paying electronic bills.
  • Adding or editing of account while paying.

Deposition of Cheques

  • By simply sharing signed images of your cheque to deposit.
  • Instant clearing of deposit transactions.
  • Easy access to banks and ATM booths.

  Offers and Promotions

  • Through BankAmeriDeals, you can grab money back while using a credit or saving account of Bank of America.

Assist to Remain Secure

  • Alerts you to change the passcode /Password of your App.
  • In case of any crooked dealing, the bank will notify you through a call to confirm your presence and blocked the credit card in case of stealing or loss.

How to Download Latest Version of Bank of America Apk App in IOS, Android, and Laptop 2021

In this article, you will find the Ultimate Guide that how to download apk files on your Android, IOS, laptop/desktop users. Before starting this article let me explain what Apk stands for, it means ‘Android Package Kit. It allows its users to download files from any unknown resources other than App Stores without paying anything.

Here is a detailed guide that how to download the apk file on your Android, IOS, and Laptop/desktop.


How to Download on Android Phone

  • Go to phone setting and allow in security section unknown sources.
  • You have to visit the App store or Apk websites.
  • In the search bar write down the Bank of America App.
  • Click to open, it will show you its detail page with download link of Apk file in MBs.
  • Tap on download, It will start downloading on your Android phone.
  • After this installation, you can use this on your phone.


How to Download on IOS Phone

Here is a quick guide on what you should do to download this Apk App.

  • For iPhone, you have to use the I Tune store or third-party App.
  • After reaching on download section just click on the download.
  • And you are ready to use it.

 How to Download on Laptop

If you want to download the apk file of BOA then you have to follow step by step guide.

  • You have to download the first Bluestack App on your laptop first.
  • After installation, click to open the Bank of America banking App.
  • Then you have to go google play store to download the Bank of America Apk App.
  • Once you are done this, you can open and use this by Bluestack App.


In this article, I have provided full detail of how to download the Apk App using different methods. This creative idea of downloading App is unique and rewarding. I hope you found this information useful and informative.


Question1:                  How to get register in online banking?

Answer:                       It’s quite easy and quick to register yourself, while just providing your card or account’s last 6 digit number and social security number.

Question2:                  How I can find my account number?

Answer:                       By signing in to your account, click on the information and services tab, then tap on show account number, it will show you your full account detail.

Question3:                  How to find the Financial and ATM center near to my location?

Answer:                       You can use the App locator to find the nearest ATM and Financial center.

Question4:                  How to change my name and title from the card?

Answer:                       You have to bring a government-authorized identification number card and basic documentation to proceed with this procedure.

Question5:                  What are overdraft charges?

Answer:                       The bank charge you 35$ for over 1$ item/amount.

Question6:                  Are there any hidden fee charges for using a Bank of America ATM card?

Answer:                       No, there aren’t any hidden charges of using an ATM.


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