Bank OF America APK App | Download for Android 2021

The Bank of America apk app is the unofficial android version of America’s one of the biggest banks. This mobile banking app could be used to bank easily and securely in the USA. Like many other financial apps, this custom app could be used to manage your Bank of America account, secure it, do transactions, check your balance, transfer money and solve your banking needs.

The Bank of America apk app provides 27 categories to do banking, which includes:

  • Buy a home for you
  • Improve your credit limit
  • Volunteer yourself
  • Save for your retirement life
  • Budget and start saving
  • Save for a large purchase
  • Renovate
  • Buy a car
  • Give money as a gift
  • Manage job loss
  • Get married
  • Save for education
  • Start business
  • Give back
  • Cover healthcare costs
  • Learn a new skill
  • Pay off loans
  • Refinance
  • Welcome a child
  • Take care of loved ones
  • Rent
  • Start a new job
  • Enjoy a holiday
  • Make estate plans
  • Travel
  • Donate toa charity
  • Enjoy a hobby

Though the app provides many ways to do banking, I will guide you on how to use it in awesome ways to get more productivity from the app.

The Awesome Ways To Use Bank of America apk App

So these are some of the awesome ways to use apk app on your phone

  1. Manage Accounts

You can review your account activity, can manage your Credit and Debit cards also the savings and current account balance. You may apply for mortgage and auto loan facilities right from your app. You can order a checkbook straight from your mobile banking apk app, and the great thing is that you can set alerts for your transactions so you may know the account activity

  1. Pay Bills

Pay your utility bill (available for eligible accounts only), credit and debit cards bills. You may schedule your payments, you can edit as well as cancel the payments.

  1. Transfer Money

Use the Zelle service provided by Bank of America in the mobile banking apk app to send and receive money securely. You may need an American mobile number and email address to complete your transactions successfully.

  1. Deposit Check

You can deposit your checks right from your custom apk app, by just taking an app picture facility and uploading it to the bank, and you will see that the processing will start immediately and your payments will be ready in no time.

  1. Take Assistance from Erica, the Virtual Assistant

Erica the virtual assistant is there for your help. Ask it whether you want to do transactions, bills payments, or seeking help to understand mobile banking features. It is a great feature to fulfill all your banking needs.

  1. Contact Us

If you feel you didn’t get what you require from Erica the virtual assistant, just take help from the representatives by accessing the contact us menu. Chose the category for which you are seeking help and talk to the customer support officer. You can find ATM locations and other financial services using this feature. You may schedule an appointment to meet with a Bank of America specialist.

  1. Setup Security

Secure your account using Multi-factor authentication or you may use Fingerprint sign-in to secure your account also. Bank may inform you of any fraudulent activity suspected.

Avail Special Offers and Deals

The most amazing part of the apk app is that you will get many great offers on your Credit / Debit cards. You can avail yourself of cashback with BankAmericaDeals, an amazing deal maker to surprise you.

Please be noted that every bank has its Banking Service Agreement to use the services provided by that specific bank so you should go through those terms and conditions to understand the Mobile Banking features.

App Information

Download Version:                        21.05.0

Download Size:                              138.17 MB

Developer Information:                Bank of America (BoFa)

Version Date:                                11 Jun 2021

Malware Check:                            Yes

App Pacakge:                                Bank of America Mobile Banking Version 21.05.0.apk

Android Version:                           5.1

How to Download and Install the Bank of America Apk App?

You can download and install the Bank of America app in the simple steps given below

  1. Firstly you need to uninstall the official app if you have it on your phone so you may install the apk custom app
  2. Click on the download link given above in the app information details section and download the app
  3. The app will be downloaded using the download manager and will be placed in the download folder, please access that folder
  4. You will find there “Bank of America Mobile Banking Version 21.05.0.apk”, package just click on it, ignore the warning and install the application.


How to Edit Custom Apk App Settings to Install it Successfully

How to Edit Custom Apk App Settings to Install it Successfully

The android system does not let custom apk package installation so to allow apk file to be installed you need to follow the below steps

Note: these steps are for Android version 8.xx or higher

  1. From the home screen swipe down and look for the Settings icon
  2. Click on Settings > Apps and then Menu (On upper right corner)
  3. Tap on Special Access
  4. Click on Install Unknown Apps
  5. Select the unknown app then tap Allow from this source, switch it on or off


The Bank of America apk app is a great, convenient, and easy-to-use way to perform your banking tasks in the palm of your hand. You do not need to worry to go to the bank, stand in long queues to pay your utility bills, and performing other banking transactions.


Question1:                  What is the Bank of America apk app?

Answer:                      It is one of America’s biggest bank android apps used to make mobile banking transactions in a US-based account

Question2:                  What are the awesome features of the Bank of America apk app?          

Answer:                      You can manage your account, pay bills, transfer money, take help from Erica, and manage the security of your account

Question3:                  What latest apk app version is available for the Bank of America app?

Answer:                      Version 21.05.0 is available which is the latest version

Question4:                  Can we Install android apps other than official apps available on the Google Play store?

Answer:                      Yes, we can install custom apk apps on android phones making some changes in the android settings

Question5:                  What we need to know before using online or mobile banking services?

Answer:                      We should study the Banking Services Agreements before using mobile banking services to understand the risks and benefits involved in mobile banking.

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