Game of Thrones Season 8 Full Episode 1

Game of Thrones Season 8 Full Episode 1 “Winterfell”

All the feels all of you how sava your long night is over winter is here Game of Thrones season 8 episode 1.  oh my god!

I’m gonna explode sorry all right y’all we’re gonna keep this nice and short because we want to jump in to this episode as quickly. Before we jump into it real quick one thing that you are most excited to see as we kick off the final season of Game of Thrones. Dragons throw my dragons we’re my dragons sorry.


I am most looking forward to the Jon Snow I’m ready for the Jon and Brandon discussion about who he really is Sam and Gilly, I am so excited for the Jon and Brandon discussion at then the John and Arya their family reunion yes it’s gonna be amazing alright that’s enough of that are you ready to jump into it.

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Game of Thrones Season 8 Full Episode 1 “Winterfell” the Last Season Ever

Let’s go, is that the nervous and come this is just like in the pilot gotta get a sight of the Queen coming into winter fall so awesome.


I didn’t feed that many people she totally thought she was gonna fly in on dragons uh-hah Jon Snow my guy look at scenarios she’s gorgeous she’s her outfits are always on toys John and Arya.

They haven’t seen each other since the first episode of the entire one he didn’t notice her dammit oh all of her friends are there this is just the beginning the chills are it, dude, I’m dying right now.

Popular Dialogs with Discussion of Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 1

She’s lucky it’s your balls run freeze off defensive dwarf trips but love telling you new jokes why is that because I had balls you don’t.

Oh she looks hurt

how would you northerners don’t watch trust outsiders

Look at her she got way more confident now on her baby she’s a boss them babies those are her babies oh the kid they grow up so fast.

How fast are we gonna have this discussion how fast look at the lineup I know it’s exactly like the beginning of the show almost huh he’s like what happened he’s like why aren’t you being all excited Brandon doesn’t have any feelings anymore.

Where is aria bass are you yes Queen Daenerys of House Targaryen my sister-sons a stark the lady of Winterfell lady one do not give her a stroke of very good luck the North is as beautiful as your brother claimed as are you don’t be a   and fellas you’ll go crazy.

Just like her Papa the night King has your dragon is one of them.

Now the world is falling the dead march south

Party Pooper


As soon as we heard about the rule I called all our banners to retreats to Winterfell your grace you left Winterfell a kingdom came back I’m not sure what you are now mmm Oh Lord nothing at all it’s not important we named you King in the north.

The owner of my life I’ll always be grateful for your faith when I left Winterfell I told you we need allies or we will die.

I had a choice Santos keep my crown stared I’ll protect the north I chose the north we have brought with us the greatest army the world has ever seen we have brought two full-grown dragons and soon the Lannister army will ride north to join our course.

There I probably don’t say anything Tyrion probably doing

How we meant to feed the greatest army the world has ever seen neither stores would last through winter I didn’t account for Dothraki unsullied and two full-grown dragons what are dragons eat anyway whatever they want.


No that’s up wife I didn’t like so are we still what they having been married once after me but um I know that didn’t go well that case dead no.

Lady of Winterfell has a nice ring to it so it is the hand of the Queen depending on the Queen. Sansa any underestimated you most the doesn’t look dead no I’m sure you weren’t thrilled to hear banana stone as much your nose as he told you my army was coming loss.

She has something to live for now I used to think you’re the cleverest man alive.

Santa’s learned some, she’s very arrogant but she knows not to trust anybody no one Littlefinger taught her many lessons on that see why he’s bran looking at Tyrion like that

He used to be taller, how did you sneak up on me how do you survive a knife through that I didn’t

All the Feels all of you

You still love it you know if you have used it Oh once or twice

You have no idea what she’s become, dude. Go around him she’s still a sweet girl.

Aryan steel genis Jackie thing where were you before I could have used your help with sunset thinks she’s smarter than everyone she’s the smartest person I’ve ever met are you defending her you I’m defending our family so she I my family to don’t forget about.

I love that they’re together cousins but start blood runs through John snow and he agreed otherwise you wouldn’t have to work here correct.

The dead have broken through the wall

She fancies hatred oh man Kyra burns like I was not expecting that response. Iran did its job.

He’s the guy who’s in charge of it.

I’ll think on your ass get it any way they kill me balls anyway. If I kill you who can I talk to I got a crew for the mutes bigots knows it sees you picked the losing side bin also demonstrate some rules first Queen.

20,000 men are it yes your grace Oh Caesar 2,000 in elephants no elephants your grace that’s disappointing I was told the golden company had elephants they are excellent least it’s your grace not well suited to long sea voyages we look forward to fighting on your behalf your grace

she doesn’t sound overly impressed with what they brought nowhere’s the elephant

I was hoping that was our agreement you want a queen.

It’s good advice

I’ve given the justice an army and the iron feet yeah she gives me no sign of affection my heart is nearly broke

Wow this guy’s funny

You know no ill don’t when Queen says he wants something she pays in advance and gold several chests a bit in fact waiting for fuel in a wagon just outside

So she wants to murder someone but she can’t send her soldiers our Queen’s brothers are unlikely to survive their northern adventures but if they do she has a keen sense of poetic justice.


That [ __ ]   fairy that expelled me I wish she does for the manor instead of treasonous brothers.

The crossbow had killed her papa and bronze gotta go kill Jamie and Tyrion. It was like his two best friends see I wanted those elephants.

Fat cake hair insulting my husband every night he still didn’t know his way around a man’s body and the King’s there enjoy whiskey life is boring you know boring I’ll give you that. I think Circe’s gonna grow to like him no one else talks to her like that it’s true one can just die.

She looked a little upset right there.

I think that was the shot from the trailer beyond make it oh yeah that was well deserved got out of the way now yep no now they’re good now we’re cool we’re even now.

Let’s go she couldn’t like waited until

They left to do that though my queen I go where you come on you want to go to Winterfell it’s a fight for the stocks good what is dead may never die she’s dead may never die to thank you for the bastards anyway.

This gonna make me cry all the other   I feel like they’ve probably got like beyond like.

Welcome back my lady if you follow me the car starts I’m so long ago the starts and the car starts was slaughtering each other on the battlefield some snow brought peace to the houses I know Queen is grateful Davos a Northman unloyal to Johnson all, not the hood

He says Jon Snow the best by the way

You want that loyalty yeah afterward you want to clean your honor you want the northeast you have to earn it on the off chance that we survived the 19th one of the Seven Kingdoms for once in their horseshit history were ruled by a just woman and an honorable man

Your sister doesn’t like me she doesn’t know you it makes you feel that you guys didn’t like me either when we have a party you should respect me you

Brandon may have seemed like the news and stuff that’s who all it was really important why isn’t he talked to John yet

Get on it John let’s go

Going out to ride a dragon everybody does until they ride a dragon what if he doesn’t want me to I’ve enjoyed your company, Johnson

that wouldn’t give me a lot of confidence to jump on his back you know somebody knows y’all she’s laughing that’s so funny. There you go John rides a dragon.  She just got very excited.

We could stay a thousand years you can trade yoke it’s called the efforts of the girl Sookie okay

Good I’m just saying it’s a tricky material who makes weapons for the wildlings proposing [ __ ] which one are you

Oh yeah they got to give her a big hug no little business you still alive

was that like you did alright

Those a nice ax you make Sam thanks so you look here


Come on Lady Stark as you wish milady can you make it or do you need something about this one it already has a sword what’s that Valyrian steel I always knew you were just another rich girl you don’t know well Bravo wishes us a good fortune but he’s staying in deep would want with his men I will stand behind Jon Snow he said to keep me in the north you didn’t tell me you were going to abandon your crowd all I wanted was to protect the north I brought two armies home with me two drugs and just Hungarian queen yeah we don’t stand a chance did you bend the need to save the north well because you love her

Oh, ma says you’re the man rich man one who saved surgery when no one else could if it’s not too much trouble I could use a pardon I borrowed a few books from the Citadel also a sword from a family.

Spinning house time for generations it would have been mine anyway. Brenda Tony, I offered to let him retain his lands and titles if he bent the knee he refused

look I’m Sam’s face no man’s gonna make me cry

I stopped being allowed home again never my brothers Duvall your brother stood with you Father. Thank you for your grace for telling me

It’s time to tell John the truth. He trusts you more than anyone now’s the time

Are you doing a winter fur but did you read every book in the Citadel already Daenerys but she executed my father and brother they were the prisoners I’m so sorry would you have been nice cute Amanda disobeyed me you’ve also spared man I wasn’t the king will you were you’ve always been. No, I’m not talking about the kingdom and olive I’m talking about the king of the bloody Seven Kingdoms like that just gonna happen like this definitely sit him down like he listened this well we need to go over your mother who’s Liana stop and your father a real father was Rhaegar Targaryen you’ve never been busted your egg on top here in true ask me what’s wrong. I’m sorry I know it’s what to do was the most honorable man I ever met if I’d to be on my life your father promised your mother he’d always protect you you know the true king Aegon Targaryen sixth of his name protector of the realm Waller.

Daenerys is awkward she shouldn’t be you get from your crown to save you people would she do the same

No way John’s gonna ask her to do that well tell her to is he even gonna tell her he is kind of handled that like I thought he would shock and not fully accepting of it

It’s a message from the Nike Lord umber who zombies between Ulsan Winterfell we rode down from Castle black who can develop on the horses if there was us less we get there before the dead.

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