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Apk Root Checker Mod Free Download for Android [Advanced]

Apk Root Checker is an Android app that allows users to check whether their device is rooted or not. It is a very simple application to use for everyone. If you want to root your Android device, then you must download this app.

Because it helps you to know about the rooting system. This app is very lightweight and comes with a simple interface.

Its user-friendly interface makes it a perfect root-checking app because it runs smoothly in any Android version and performs well.

It works just like a checker. It means that it isn’t used to root your device because it is designed just for a special purpose.

The user can check the device and its results can be shared on social media. This special app really valuable and helps everyone.

It’s working making it a wonderful app and it doesn’t create any issues. If you want to get this app without wasting your money, then you have to visit this complete web page.

Here you will get a download link that is available to provide you with a free app.

Moreover, it comes with many apk features that are only available in this free version. These areas available sharing options, removing ads, a friendly interface, automatic updates, etc.

So, don’t skip anything and know more about Apk Root Checker.

How Does It Work?

It is a very simple mobile application and everyone can easily use it.

You can easily press a single button and find out whether your device is rooted or not.

And it is special and wonderful because it provides you with the results within a few seconds.


you will use it after rooting your device and it will let you know whether your device is completely rooted or not.

There are many issues pointed out because many times users experience issues along the path of installing, configuring, and gaining root access or uninstalling and removing root access.

Many users find the rooting process so difficult and hard. Most of the users consider the rooting process more complex while for others the process can seem simple.


this special app is designed to set the user’s technical skills. The root checker runs quietly and quickly on your device.


it will correctly verify whether or not root access is 100% functioning.

There are several terms that confirm root access such as gaining superuser access or gaining administrator access.

Major Features

Apk Root Checker Features:

This wonderful and fantastic root-checking app provides a lot of beneficial features. These are as follows:

Advanced Troubleshooting

In this app, you can enjoy advanced troubleshooting that lets you know the results within seconds. It works 100% on any Android device and always shows the best results. You can know whether your device is rooted or not that will show you how much rooting process is done.

Guidance for easy rooting

If you are a new user, then you have no need to worry about anything. Because everything is free and complete guidance is available in the app. You can get further information about the app and easily use it anytime.

Performance Improvements

In this latest version of the rooting checker app, you can enjoy its performance which is now improved. It shows the best results as the user wants. You have no need for any other app because it is fabulous and performs well.

Sharing Options

This special app comes with a sharing option. It means that you can now enjoy that option and share the results on your social media accounts. This feature makes it cool and also brings it on-trend.

No Ads

This apk version is available with free files and you can easily download it on your device. All ads are removed and provide you with an ads-free app. Thus, there is no ad to disturb you and you can use it without any issue.

Friendly Interface

The interface of the root checker is really simple and user-friendly which helps it to run smoothly on your Android device and performs well. This special and beneficial feature makes it a perfect application.

Automatically Update

You have no need to update this app because it comes with an advanced feature that helps it to update automatically when the latest version comes into the store.

Hence, it is a helpful, valuable, wonderful, and fantastic app for all Android users. People like it just because of its smoothness, loyalty, and great performance.

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FAQs / How To

How to Download and Install Apk Root Checker (Pro / Advanced) Latest Version for Android:

You can learn the simple and easy method to download and install the Apk Root Checker android app complete versions on your device that is now available on this web page. There are some guidelines, and you have to follow them. These are as follows:

  1. The first guideline step is, to go to the device app store and select the Play Store version to uninstall from your device.
  2. In the second guideline step, you have to move to Settings > Security > Turn on Unknown Sources.
  3. The download link is available here. Hence, get it simply and click on it. Moreover, you need to wait until it is completed.
  4. Now quickly you have to open the file manager to get the apk file from the download folder.
  5. Now extract the newly downloaded file by using the WinRAR app.
  6. Now just click on the install button and get it on your device. All is done successfully and enjoy Apk Root Checker Complete Version Free. 

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