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Design Home Apk Mod Download Latest Version [Unlimited Coins]

Design Home Apk Mod is the latest version of the Design Home Mobile Application that allows everyone to enjoy it without a subscription. This version will be more interesting because it comes with additional features, levels, etc.

Also, the developers have added some new missions, new content, and new themes. It means that now the Design Home Game becomes more advanced, wonderful, and interesting because of additional content.

Design Home Mobile Game comes with new ideas, creativity, modern themes, etc, and allows its players to show their talent. Creative minds can play this game well because everything is interesting.

Hence, if you have a creative mind and you want a platform to show your talent, then you can design and decorate a home. What are the features of the design home application, how to play, and how to download? Let’s discuss everything.

Gameplay Of Design Home Apk Mod

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Android gamer players will enjoy this wonderful game because it provides wonderful experiences of Design Home in the game. Also, they can become professional house designers and remodels through a house renovation.

You can freely implement your brilliant ideas here, which will help you design various household environments, alter the atmosphere, and more.

In this game, you have complete authority to take on a variety of home decoration, redesigning, and remodeling missions. Hence, you have a chance to better express your creativity.

Maintain the designs by adhering to a particular set of your customer’s requirements at the same time. Alternatively, you could select your own real estate properties and make an effort to renovate the entire building before selling them.

And last but not least, Design Home Android players will have the chance of a lifetime to master the art of home design. As you join the awesome community of designers from all over the world, you can also enjoy the game with a lot of other people.

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Storyline Of Design Home Android Game

In this mobile game, you have to use your creative mind and try to decorate it. This is a chance to design your home as you want because everything is available in the store.

Its storyline is very simple because the player has to go for some rules. The house owner gives a job to decorate his/her home by adding some new furniture, art, gadgets, etc.

There are so many options like the player will have a bedroom and the house owner will give the task that decorating this bedroom with modern furniture. Such as curtains, carpets, beds, tables, chairs, sofas, dressings, etc.

But the game is interesting because of some puzzles, and the player has to solve the puzzles to unlock all the needed things. Similarly, all other house places also will be locked and the player has to unlock them after completing some provided tasks.

Moreover, there will be more interesting things and you will be the manager to manage the house. The simple is that you can hire some other people and give them tasks.

Like you can make your home more beautiful by changing furniture, art, walls, floor, etc. Similarly, you can move to the garden area and clean it, selecting an attractive look. Other people will help you to perform some other tasks.

Hence, the simple is that Design Home Android is the most interesting, fabulous, and amazing game. But if you have the apk mod version, then you can enjoy it more because of its amazing features, functions, options, etc. So, let’s discuss its features in detail.

Major Features

Features Of Design Home Apk Mod

Design Home Apk Modified version of the android game comes with amazing features, which are as follows:

Unlimited Rewards

This apk version of the Design Home mobile game will help you to get unlimited rewards and reach the highest level. Hence, you can collect a lot of rewards and make a record. Some rewards will help you to design your home with some modern ideas.

Similarly, some rewards will help you to quickly complete your puzzle sessions. Also, you will get the rewards from the puzzle section and you can use them to skip some missions, levels, challenges, etc.

Unlimited Choices

In this home design mod version of the game, the player will have unlimited choices to enjoy the game. Like if you want to solve some puzzles, then you can play that section. Otherwise, you can skip and only enjoy the home designing part. Similarly, many other options will be available that will assist you to enjoy your favorite game as you want.

Unlocked Missions

Some players just get bored because of locked missions because without unlocking them, you can’t decorate the home. Hence, this free version allows all the players to enjoy unlocked missions and quickly move to the design or decoration.

Unlimited Levels

Design Home Apk Modified Version comes with unlimited levels which means that your favorite game will never end. You will face so many challenges, interesting ways, and wonderful levels to enjoy your game well.

No Ads

The most interesting and wonderful thing is that all ads are removed. Hence, you have no need to pay for a subscription method.

How To Get Design Home Apk Mod Latest Version?

This android application is very simple to install on your android devices. But if it is difficult for you, then you should follow several easy steps. These are as follows:

  • Firstly, you have to allow third-party apps in your android version. The method is very simple in that you have to just go to the settings and enable unknown sources.
  • Secondly, you have to visit our page and get the free link from here.
  • After clicking on the free download link, the application file will be downloaded to your android
  • The apk version is always available in a zipped file, so you have to unzip it with the WinRAR application.
  • After this step, you can easily install the Design Home Apk Mod Latest Version on your android device and enjoy.
Final Words


Android games always provide a wonderful way to convert your boring hours into interesting hours. Similarly, the apk version of every android game makes it more interesting, enjoyable, and wonderful.

Design Home Apk Mod allows you to enjoy every phase, mission, level, etc. Also, it comes with some additional features, unlocked everything, and some unlimited rewards.

It means that you have no need to waste your money to subscribe to the premium version of this game. Because the free version is available with amazing gameplay, features, options, etc.

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