Free Movie Apps Without Paying

Free Movie Apps Without Paying: No Credit Card 2022

In this article, we are going to guide you about Free Movie Apps Without Paying 2021: No Credit Card Payment Or Money For lot of entertainment.

With smartphones getting bigger screens and better resolutions, it has become overly popular to watch movies on mobiles.

Regardless of the OS that you are using, you now have the opportunity to play games, see movies, and hear to music on your phone using different apps. Watching a movie is one of the best ways to pass the time.

There are infinitely many free and paid apps like Netflix to stream movies online at your preference. With the big number of free apps to watch free movies which pack daily updated library of movies and web shows, you can offer farewell to the movies played on the television!

The list following gives you information on the top free apps for which you can watch unlimited full movies without giving anything!

Ten (10) Best Free Movie Apps for Android Without Paying: No Credit Card Payment Or Money

Free Movie Apps For Android

1.   Crackle

Crackle Movies & TV tops the chart of the applications where you can watch movies without opting for any recommendation. Watch all Hollywood movies and television series without any recommendation.Free Online Movies Apps

You can download the app from the play store to your android phone. Watch all the newest movies and TV series at your preference!

Key points

•    Plenty of movie options

•    Works on lots of devices

•    Free movies can be watched sans logging

2.   ShowBox

The user-friendly interface of the application, the content available, and the efficiency with which you can watch all the newest movies without any subscription makes the Showbox a must-have app on your phone.

You can also run movies from third-party sites. It supports HD and full HD setups. You can also download videos to your internal memory and for watching them the next time.

Key Points

•    Fluid UI and easy navigation

•    Free content

•    No pestering ads

3.   New Movies

You can say goodbye to buying or subscriptions to watch your desired movies online! With the New Movies app installed on your smartphone, you can watch them at any time.

The application further enables you to download movies for offline viewing. Although it has a basic design with the regularly refreshed library, you can watch online and download movies with comfort.

You can also take the viewing quality, which is suitable if you are using mobile data. You can apply the possible filters to search for movies or use search to watch a video directly.

Key Points

•    Sleek, smooth UI

•    Download option available

4.   MegaBox

It is the latest application that allows users to watch movies online for free. Due to its small file size, it does not use much of the phone’s resources.

Therefore, you can have entertainment while watching a lag-free film, depending on your internet connection. You can watch movies in 360p and 720p quality. You can download the titles from the collection, save them, and watch them later.

Key Points

•    No irritating Ads.

•    Subtitles are available

•    Easy to use UI

5.   Viewster

If you are a lover of movies, animes, and TV, then Viewster is the best application for you!  After completing the installation of the app on your phone, you can watch all your favorite movies, television series, and animations as you prefer.

You do not have to generate an account or provide an email address to begin the services. The navigation is easy, and you can immediately look for the movie/TV series/anime with ease. It is also fitted with Chrome Cast.

Key Points

•    No irritating Ads.

•    Subtitles are available

•    Easy to use UI

Free Movie Apps 2021 APK- Without Paying Money Using Credit Card

6.   YouTube

YouTube is a default application that you will discover on your Android device. You can view millions of videos existing in its database. Fortunately, you can also watch movies without paying any cost.

You can explore for the movie that you wish to view and take the preferred video quality. Note that you may not be ready to watch all the latest movies except the production house releases the same online.

Key Points

•    Easy to use

•    With Google account, no separate login required

•    Ever-increasing range

7.   Tubi TV

This app is downloadable from play store. Tubi TV has an outstanding collection of free movies and television programs. You can browse by the titles, watch online, and even download for later viewing! You can select titles based on their genres such as action, drama, comedy, and worldwide.

The database receives consists of updates because of which you can watch all the newest movies without giving any money.

Key Points

•    Simple to use

•    With Google account, no separate login required

Ever-increasing range

8.   Big Star Movies

The Big Star Movies application enables you to watch online movies without giving anything. You can watch a movie online or download the same to watch it next.

You can choose from different quality options, which is convenient if you are using mobile data services, as many cellular providers offer insufficient data. The app has a large category, and you can browse the title with the easy search option.

Key Points

•    Easy to use

•    With Google account, no separate login required

•    Ever-increasing range

9.   Popcornflix

Popcornflix is a different application for your smartphone through which you can watch movies with ease. You do not have to opt for any subscription to see a movie.

The database is large and you can find all your desired movies with ease. The navigation tool is simple and you can find what you are looking for in several simple taps!

Key Points

•    Easy to use

•    With Google account, no separate login required

•    Ever-increasing range

10.   Bobby Movie Box

You can scan all your favorite movie titles without any ads! That’s the best opportunity you get with Bobby Movie Box. The huge collection of movies is sure to destroy you!

The database receives constant updates, and therefore, you can watch all the newest titles no matter where you are! The interface is comfortable and straightforward.

Key Points

•    Easy to use

•    With Google account, no separate login required

•    Ever-increasing range

Final Words


Now that you read about the apps that enable you to watch movies without paying money, choose the perfect one for your perfect entertainment.

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