Old School RuneScape APK Mod

Old School RuneScape APK Mod Download for Android / IOS

Old School RuneScape Mod APK is an excellent RPG game for Android users that has been loaded with full action and adventure to attract.

Have you ever played RPG on your own mobile? If not, then we tell you the best mobile game. That is full of fun and gives you skills. You can get a better experience with this game. So, today we discuss the Old School RuneScape MOD APK.

 This RPG is the best Android game, especially for beginners. It is similar to other battle games, but the concept and content are different. The action and adventure attract people.

Hence, adventure lovers must play it. In this game, the player has to battle for glory. It was a copy of the original version of Runescape but later it developed with many improvements.

Old School RuneScape APK Mod App Information

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App Name Old School RuneScape
Content Rating +16
Category RPG
Author Jagex Games Studio
Downloads 64,283
License Free


This game is very easy to play for every player. Hence, all the controls are in the players’ hands. So you can easily manage everything. Just you have to download and install the Mod version free from here. Then open the app on your device and start playing it. To play the game well, you have to do several tasks.

Choose Your Own Path

The game has several missions to complete and move to the next level. You have to play as the lone adventurer seeking glory through individual challenges. You can also make a band together with other heroes to leave your mark on the game.

If you want to become the master of the game, you need 23 skills, hundreds of lore-filled quests, and dozens of unique raids and bosses to defeat.

Explore Gielinor

In this game, you have to explore the gielinor and traverse Fossil Island to uncover its lost history. The map is given in this, you have to go ahead and battle with difficulties.

Hence, you have to map the heated tropics of the Karamjan jungle and brave the barren wastes of the Kharidian desert.

Hundreds of Quests

The Old School RuneScape provides a lot of quests to combine epic puzzles and enchanting narratives with the nostalgic humor of point-and-click adventures.

These quests make it more unique than other games of this genre.

Further, you have to rediscover the secret to rune magic and uncover the mystery behind the devastating plague in West Ardougne.

Fight Epic Bosses

You have to battle through two extraordinary raiding encounters. The first one is the Chambers of Xeric, and the second is the Theatre of Blood.

Moreover, you have to finish other bosses like dragons, volcanic monstrosities, and tyrannous vampyres. Hence, you have to await all challenges seeing great treasures.

Major Features

Old School RuneScape Apk Features:

This game has many features but the mod version provides some extra facilities to the players. If you want to know these features, then you have to read this section. The features are as follows:

Unlimited Gold/Money

This game has many missions and challenges to complete and collect rewards. These coins are important because you can use them in the game to purchase and unlock the store items. While the collected gold is not enough, this version provides you with unlimited Gold to fulfill your needs.

Free to download

This game app is free to download from this web page. The Play Store doesn’t provide it free with its facilities and benefits. So, you can download it from here and enjoy the gameplay. This apk file is totally free with a complete version.

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Totally Safe

The game provides you the complete security. So, you can play it safe on your device. It provides full protection from harmful files.

Compatible with all Android versions

The most joyful feature is that this game app is compatible with all Android devices and versions. So, it doesn’t matter what version of Android your smartphone is. Every smartphone user can play this game.

Download Old School Runescape Apk IOS

Easy way to Download and Install the Old School RuneScape Apk Latest Version Free

To download and install the Old School RuneScape MOD, you have to follow the given instructions. It is just for your help, so don’t skip it. The complete process is given below. These first two steps are necessary.

  1. Firstly, go to the device app store and uninstall the previous version of the Old School RuneScape App.
  2. Now go to the device settings, “Enable Unknown Sources” from your device settings. However, it is important to allow third-party apps on your device manually.

Next, you can move to the download process.

Step-1: Find the link

Firstly, you have to visit our web page and read the complete content about Old School RuneScape. The link is given here.

Step-2: Click on the Download link

Now, you have to click on the download link and soon the downloading process will start.

Step-3: Stable Internet Connection

It is necessary to check your internet connection and make it stable to download speedily.

Step-4: Downloading Process

The downloading process will take several minutes, so you have to wait for it.

Step-5: Open the Download Folder

Now, you can open the download folder inside the file manager, so do it quickly.

Step-5: Extract File

The downloaded file will be zipped, so you have to use the WinRAR app and extract the files.

Step-6: Installing process

In the last step, you have to just tap on the original app to install it on your device. All is done, enjoy the Old School RuneScape MOD Latest Version Free. 

FAQs / How To

How to Enable Unknown Sources in Android Devices? 

If you want to enable the unknown resources in your Android devices. You have to follow these easy steps.

  • Go to the mobile “Settings“.
  • Next, go to “Security“.
  • Easily Tap the “Enable” to allow the “Unknown Sources“. However, it is permission to download the apps manually on your device.
  • A Pop-up box will be warning you about the change, it should be closed by clicking on OK.
  • Pull download the Notification panel from the top of the screen.
  • Tap App and Install.
  • All is done successfully. Enjoy!

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