Best Clicker Games Online for PC, Android and IOS

Here we will guide you Best Clicker Games or clicking game is played online for PC Android and IOS which would be very useful for you.

Hey, wait, are you the one who is looking for the idle game. I mean, if you want to spend your spare time doing something challenging and attractive. And did not want to put much effort then congratulations, you are landed at the right place.

– Did you heard about the clicking game?

– No?

It’s all right; we are here to assist you with all the information. The best Clicker games or clicking game is played online on your PC and mobile devices as well. These types of games are required your hand grip on the mouse and the fastest clicking speed or similar activity.

There are heaps of clicker games on the internet, and obviously, it is not possible to check all of them and get the best suited for yourself. Therefore, in our today’s article, we are going to discuss some of best clicker game with their details.

Here, you can find the best game for yourself by just reading a single article. So, don’t go anywhere before reading it. Let’s began the list of best clicker games.

BEST CLICKER GAMES Online on Steam, Scratch, Unblocked

Clicker Games

NInjaClicker Click Speed Test Game

Click speed test game is the most widely played game in the category of clicker games. It is the simplest and easiest game with very few graphics. In this game, you have been allotted a specific area in which you have to click.

The default period is set for 5 seconds; you have to click as fast as you can to make the higher score. When the 5 second time is over, you will see the result of your counted clicks. You are also allowed to change the period from 5 seconds to 10, 15, 20, 30, and one minute.

Many people love this game, and few will take it so seriously and make world records; some are used to play this game to kill their free time, enjoyment, reducing depression. The best part of this game is that you can play it for unlimited time. you can also play kohi click test game on NinjaClicker.

1- Adventure Capitalist

This game is quite tricky than the above-mentioned game. But it keeps too active and engaging through its high-quality graphics and challenges for your growth. In this game, you are considered an entrepreneur.

You have started a business with single lemonade and later added pizzas, hockey team’s management, making movies, and even running backs. All duties are done by clicks; for example, pizza is made by clicking on its ingredients, and the fast you click, the more point you will win.

Luckily, you are not alone to do all these tasks; as you grow your business, you are allowed to have your manager make your business automated. The more you grow, the more you will be able to earn.

2- Mouse Accuracy

This is very trending among people nowadays. All age group members like it because of its graphics, different options, and user-friendly. Through this game, you will get to know the accuracy of your clicks and also increase your clicking speed.

This game is customizing according to your gaming level. I mean, you have different levels, and each next level is complex than the then previous one. Also, you can change the target size, target color, cursor shape, time limits of your game, and also on or off the sound of the game.


This is one of the best games of its origin. In this game, one big cookie is given to you. You have to click on that cookie, and each click will provide you with money. You are also allowed to hire a grandmother to make cookies and help you to upgrade your clicking efficiency.

After enhancing your cookies plant, you can restart the game to re-earn and enhance in a new way.

4- Clicker Heroes

Clicker heroes game starts with the war between you and the monster. Each click will slightly damage the monster. After some time passes, you will get your companion who helps you to hit and kill your enemies.

You can make your character more powerful by spending on purchasing the powers. There are many other options available in the game, like unlock character abilities.

5- Grow Defense

The only game-used 3D graphics in the clicking category. Your duty in this game is to protect your castle from different creatures. You can do it by rapidly clicking on them to kill them. Otherwise, they will reach your castle and invade it.

In each next level, the complexity of the game is increased, and therefore the number of invader creatures is also increased and difficult to kill. But no worries, as you kill the invader and win the level, you will gain gold.

That gold is used to earn power and other defense tools. This is highly recommendable because it takes less time to understand and the most enjoyable and user-friendly game. Moreover, this game is suitable for all age group members.

6- Idle Breakout

The noteworthy portion of the game is that it allows you to have unique balls. The main difference is that the gamers can continue clicking on the bricks to break them while the ball breaks the squares.

Actors have gold points in their piggy account and use them to upgrade a different kind of balls. Each brick has a point that counts the ball hits, and that helps to break the brick.

This game is recommendable to those who want to increase their clicking speed and winning more and more levels.

Final Words


We listed out all the best clicker games on a single site for your assists. All mention the features and themes of the game, so before playing them, you will get an idea about them. So without wasting your time, chose the best-suited game for you and enjoyed your time.

Some of above mention games allow you to share your score on social media and invite your friends to play and beat your score. Thanks for staying connected with us. If you have any quire just leave a comment below. We will contact you soon.

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