How To Turn Off Auto Renewal On Xbox One Live

How To Turn Off Auto Renewal On Xbox One Live

This website trains you how to turn off auto renewal on Xbox one. Here’s we allow your Xbox Live subscription from automatically resume. When it extends the end of its round.

You can off Xbox Live by logging into your Microsoft account on the Xbox website. As of years, you can no longer off Xbox Live from your Xbox One, nor can you off from the Xbox 360.

8 Steps to off Xbox Live

Follow These 8 Steps

We help you to off the Xbox live. Here’s we give you simple and easy steps to turn off. So, you just follow all the steps and solve your issue.

1: 1st Open the Xbox website. Go to the site in your round site.

2: open your Xbox LIVE account. Click log in the top-right corner, now enter your email address and password. This will reload the page with your account open, however, you may have to click login again and select your account at the base of the drop-down menu bar.

  • If you are already open the account into your Xbox LIVE account, ignore this step.
  • If your account open credentials are saved in your site, clicking login will prompt a drop-down menu bar from which you can select your account.

3: Now click your profile picture: It is in the upper-right place of the page. If you don’t have your profile picture, this will be a form of a person’s head and shoulders. Doing so induce a drop-down menu.

4: Click subscription: This option is so near the bottom of the drop-down menu bar.

5: Then scroll down to the “Xbox Live” option: You’ll find this Xbox log-shaped option near the middle of the page.

6: So click payment biIIing: This link is below the “Xbox Live” heading. So this will take you to the Xbox Live subscription main page.

7: Click Cancel: This link is to the right of the “Xbox Live” heading near the top of the “Payment Settings” part. Clicking Cancel will cause a pop-up menu.

  • You may have to move up to see this option.

8: Open confirm cancellation when prompted. So will stop your Xbox Live membership from auto-renew (and auto-charge your account) when the subscription time is up.

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