Best Free Movie Apps on iPhone

Best Free Movie Apps for Android / iPhone / Smart Tv / Firestick

In this article, we will show you step by step that, Best Free Movie Apps on iPhone and Android! (2021), I hope you found this useful.

Today I’m gonna show you guys how to watch movies and TV shows totally for free on our device and also Android devices running on the latest OS, and I was nine up to.

I was fourteen betas and also on Android, nine and above you’re, not going to be required to create an account. You’re, not going to need a credit card. All you need is a phone or a tablet running on one of the latest OS, so only our device is going to work on iPhones, iPads, and iPod touch.

Were you gonna do simply go to the App Store. The same thing goes for Android devices. You’re gonna go to the Google Play Store and then the next thing you’ll do is simply search it up for an app called watched, and then you’re gonna scroll down.

Free Movie Apps

Best Free Movie Apps

Until you see this app logo, you’re gonna download the app and then happen open the first time you open the app it’s. Gon na look like this and it’s. Gonna ask you to set up a bundle. The next step you do is simply tap on the plus.

The next step would be typing this website right here and then tap on, go once you have added the website to Apple load, and then we will see some new movies right here. We’ve got the training series popular series and then we & # 39.

Ve got the training movies and popular movies. If you want to search for a movie or TV show, all I have to do is simply tap on search bar tap on search, let’s say I want to watch Jumanji, as you can tell right here.

We do have both Jumanji movies with Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart. So let’s, check out Jumanji, the next level tap on the cover, and then right here we got the title and description of the movie scroll down, and then we got mini servers and doesn’t really matter which server you choose.

If you do choose surfer number two and it doesn’t work, try the next one until the movie loads up. So let’s. Try server number two tap on the play and that’s going to load and, as you can see, the movies playing the movie are about two hours long to play on a full screen.

So if we tap this icon right here, then right here we got the movie playing so yeah. It does work. If you want to watch a TV show it’s. Gonna be the same steps as watching a movie and, of course, this app going to work on any Android phones, as you can tell, I do have a Samsung Galaxy here and I do have the same app opened on my device.

We got the search bar once again, where we can search for movies and TV shows. So yes guys. This is how we watch movies and TV shows for free, our iOS and Android device without any signups without any subscriptions.

Our credit card they’d, enjoy Washington’s, video make sure to give a big thumbs up if you did and or subscribe. If shown up you haven’t already, I got much more to Childress coming soon to your way other than that hug guests have a good day, and I catch you guys in the next one: peace.

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