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Best Free Racing Games For PC / Laptop / Android – [Xbox/PS4]

In this article, we are going to guide you about Best Free Racing Games Pc Online Steam Multiplayer Download which is very helpful for you.

10 Most Beneficial Free Racing Games for PC from the Microsoft Store:

When the Need For Speed series was launched, and gamers suddenly started shifting towards racing games, little did they know that their interest was in something that would become the most expensive niche in the gaming market.

Best Free Racing Games for PC

Free Racing Games

Interestingly, many of these games are available for free on the Microsoft Store (I know a few of these have more expensive versions for Xbox). We compiled a list of the top 10 racing games for PC available in on the store. The list includes a few games from every sub-niche of gaming.

1. Asphalt 9: Legends for PC

The Asphalt series of racing games has been considered the best amongst those meant for mobile devices. Rather, it hardly has any competitors. However, Asphalt can be downloaded for your PC from the Microsoft Store and played just like you would on mobile devices.

Asphalt 9’s graphics are way better than those of its predecessors, while the file is much smaller in size. The cars are the most aesthetic of those available in the market, and the list has been updated with the latest options.

As for the locations, they have been carefully selected. The game is accessible on the Microsoft Store here.

2. Asphalt 8: Airborne:

The best and most downloaded game in the Asphalt series is Asphalt 8: Airborne. The game While the successor’s graphics are significantly better, the gameplay of Asphalt 8 cannot be forgotten.

The game used real-life like physics, which was the fun part about it. The spoilers were perfectly designed to explain the airborne car jump. The arenas were very creative and practical, something Asphalt 9 lacked.

You can check more about the game on the Microsoft Store here.

3. Forza Motorsport 6 Review Xbox One Apex:

As a warning, do not consider this game unless your PC is powerful enough to support the game. The 21.8GB monster has excellent graphics, and I am surprised that it’s available for free.

It uses the most advanced of cars, the best graphics, and an amazing sound system. While it has only 6 main tracks, users have mostly found them sufficient. It allows for many different kinds of challenges.

You keep proceeding through the levels as you win. Download the game from the Microsoft Store here.

4. Real Racing Nitro Asphalt 3D: Download for PC

This one is a light yet powerful game. The game has realistic arenas, latest cars, real-like graphics, real engine sounds, etc. The game is somewhat addictive, for it is never-ending. There is no limit to the levels, unlike other counterparts.

free racing games pc

The best part about the game is that it doesn’t need the best of configuration. It could work on an average system with no dedicated graphics card and a decent RAM. The game is accessible on the Microsoft Store here.

5. GT Racing 2: The Real Car Experience

The Real Car Experience: While I cherish other games for their graphics, arenas, etc., I favor GT Racing 2 for its realistic dynamics.

The game is extensive. It has a lot of maps and a lot of cars. You could use either of its 4 camera views while playing. The game has both single and multiplayer modes. It could be downloaded from the Microsoft Store here.

6. Racing Horizon – Extreme Asphalt Driving: Car Racing Game

While this game uses the word Asphalt in the title, it has nothing to do with the original Asphalt series. Rather it is a much lighter game in comparison.

free racing games pc

Racing Horizon – Extreme Asphalt Driving is a decent game, with decent graphics, and a decent collection of cars. The theme is simple – evade the police and overtake your rivals. The game is accessible on the Microsoft Store here.

7. Hill Climb Racing: Download for PC

Hill Climb Racing is a simple, yet satisfying game, specially designed for kids. The game is simple, press the gas button to accelerate and the brakes to slow down your car. Other than a car, you can ride a motor-sled, a train, and a boat.

free racing games

The game has many arenas and exploits physics in the most efficient manner. If you like it, get it from the Microsoft Store here.

8. Asphalt Xtreme:

Contrary to the brand and size of the game, Asphalt Xtreme’s graphics are average. However, the reason for including it in this list is the arenas. They have a lot of them, and the arenas have been made as exotic as natural.

If you are interested in playing this game you can download from the Microsoft Store here.

9. Asphalt Street Storm Racing:

Another gem from Gameloft, Asphalt Street Storm Racing is excellent both its graphics and the gameplay. The arenas are based in popular cities, and it helps in maintaining a glamorous image for the game. Even better are the flashy cars.

Check infinite regarding the game on the Microsoft Store.

10. Space Racing 3D: Start Race

Space Racing 3D isn’t about cars, but that’s the creative part about it. The theme arena is based on a hypothetical world.

free racing games pc

They use funky spaceships to race, and since these machines are really fast, you need to practice hard to not fall off the track. The game is accessible on the Microsoft Store here.

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