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Best Ninja Fighting Games For PC Free Download / Play Online

Here we are going to guide you about Best Ninja Fighting Games Stick Free Download for PC Android and APK which is very helpful for you.

The Best 10 Android and APK Ninja Fighting Games – 2 Player – Play Free Online

Rising from umbrae, excluding the point in a split second, and scattering back into darknesses is a ninja fantasy almost everyone would like to live.

However, most probably you are not going to become an apprentice of a shinobi master anytime soon. But you can still exist your ninja daydream by performing some dangerous ninja games on your Android phone.

If you are into lifeblood soaking ninja games, then I remember some of the common addictive games for Android with beautiful ninja graphics. Let’s recognize which one of these 10 ninja fighting games for Android can gratify your appetite for ninja action.

Best Ninja Fighting Games

Super Stick Ninja Fighting Games Free Download for PC

1. Ninja Revenge Will Rise

Blood, multi-combos, katana slashing, and more blood are what you will get in this fast-paced ninja game. The game is about an enraged ninja who is on a binge to retaliate the passing of his partner.

The side-scrolling game has good graphics with cool damage and death animations. You can use cooldown based abilities, power-ups and basic slashing to eliminate your enemies.

I love how you are bombarded with different types of enemies in this game, allowing you to do multi-hit combos of up to 50 hits with ease. Best of all, the game has great humor alongside tons of violence, making it a great refresher when you need some fun entertainment.

2. Shadow Fight 2 – Ninja Special Edition – Mod APK

Shadow Fight 2 isn’t a ninja-focused game in the true sense, but it uses a lot of ninja tactics with a bunch of ninja characters as well. It’s a good ol’ 1 VS. 1 combat game with a push of RPG-style personality raising. What makes it cool is its life-like animations that make you feel like you are hitting or dodging the enemy.

The punches and kicks don’t just hit as you press the button, there are life-like delays and animation between each move that also lets the enemy (or you) dodge, hit back, block, and more.

You can unfasten wondrous armaments, armors, and magic powers to use in battles. I should interpret that Shadow Fight 2 needs the ability to play. You need to block, dodge, jump, and hit to be able to defeat your enemy. It’s not just another fighting game where the one with more power wins the match.

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3. Ninja Arashi for Android – APK Download 

Another game with tons of violence and blood. If you like challenging games that require a proper strategy to complete, then Ninja Arashi will please you. The game is a combination of deadly fighting and strategic traps to fulfill your desire for action and mind-boggling challenges.


You need to complete levels by evading killer traps and killing enemies using different moves and weapons. You can power up the character’s skills, boost moves, and buy weapons like swords, axes, and even a gun.

4. Devil Ninja 2 – Mod APK Download

If you like the kind of games where you press all the buttons to kill your enemies, then Devil Ninja 2 will give you a good time. In this side-scrolling game, you will have to use different moves and weapons to destroy streams of monsters and bring utter chaos. The graphics are a bit childish, which is a good thing for a game that is easier to play.

You will have to collect energy balls on your way to buy new weapons and become stronger. There are hundreds of weapons and powerups for you to feed your appetite. Best of all, the game doesn’t offer any in-app purchases so it will not force you to shell out money to get your favorite item.

5. Ninja fight

The extra bash-all-the-buttons-to-murder game, Ninja battle is a fast-paced side-scrolling game where you can pick many ninjas to pass the stages.

ninja fighting games

Each character has a different set of skills and strengths that you can use to destroy the enemy. Interestingly, actors have various style basic strikes alongside cooldown based skills, enabling you to do crazy combos practicing different styles.

You can also get different costumes and weapons to strengthen your character and make it look cool, with each character having its own set of weapons and costumes. The graphics are quite good as well, with not too much blood and violence.

6. Dark Sword – Dark Souls 3 Wiki

As the name suggests, Dark Sword is all about using crazy looking swords where swords are probably bigger than the wielder. The game is themed on full eclipse where you eliminate dark beasts using scary seeing swords (that can be colorful as well). You can use multiple abilities and basic moves to kill waves of monsters.

The skills are unfastened as you grow and can be updated for more destruction. However, knives are the actual cause why you wanna play this game and getting the best armament is the best way to be harder. Dark Sword also has a PVP mode where you can battle other players throughout the world.

7. Shadow Blade Zero – APK Full Version Free Download

A fine game that makes a fabulous work of combining stealth and bloody action. Following the true nature of a ninja, in Shadow Blade Zero you will have two options to clear levels, by stealthily moving past enemies or simply assassinating every enemy in your way, the choice is yours. The levels are filled with deadly traps and your character has awesome moves to move around locations.

ninja fighting games

You can get different types of weapons to kill your enemies, and jump and flip over walls and structures to clear the levels. Overall, it is a fine game that meets ninja vision.

8. Ninja War Hero

I am not going to say it is one of the best ninja games available, but it has an interesting plot and the 3D action is quite good as well. You are a ninja who is against the city’s thugs and gangsters who have kidnapped people. You need to stealthily roam around the city and kill or bypass enemies to investigate.

The environment is nice and you can do tasks like climbing, boating, and jumping, etc. to move around. The action isn’t too exciting, but you can use different weapons such as swords and guns. Not one of the most exciting titles, but worth a look if you are into calm assassinations.

9. Dead Ninja Mortal Shadow

An extremely fast-paced game that is very difficult yet quite fun to play. It is a side-scrolling game where you manage a ninja who is continuously going. You need to tap everywhere to guide him and kill enemies in your path. There are traps and groups of enemies that you need to evade and kill.

You can get different types of abilities to make it easier to clear levels, such as quickly teleport out of a thick situation or create multiple clones of yourself.

Everything is in shadow so it can be a bit difficult to see enemies and traps on a black background. Most probably, you’ll die at least a dozen times before you memorize each level and complete it. Are you up for the challenge?

10. Yurei Ninja

This is a fast-paced 3D running game where you run and fight at the same time (think Temple Run on steroids). Multiple characters are having their own set of abilities and weapons to kill the enemies in the path and move around. The game has great graphics and assassination, diving, and dodging animations are pretty good as well.

ninja fighting games

You can collect different weapons in the stages to eliminate your enemy and kill the bosses at the end of the stage. I must say the environments are cool and will surely give you the feel of being on an assassination spree in the middle of Japan.

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