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Movies And Tv Shows App Free Download For Android / Iphone

In this article, we are going to guide you about Watch Free Movies And Tv Shows App For iPhone, iPad, PC and Android which are very useful for live entertainment.

With the increasing convenience of the internet across the world, our ways of getting entertained have developed. The days have gone when everyone would rush over to their TV sets to catch their favorite movie or TV show.

Now many of us prefer streaming videos online, and there are multiple services where you can get your daily dose of entertainment — anytime, anywhere!

In the present world, popular premium video streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video have also enhanced manifold the popularity of online video streaming apps and websites.

But they are paid services, and not everyone would like to spend that much. This is why I have jotted down a list of best free legal streaming apps for both iOS and Android where you could enjoy unlimited streaming.

Now that you are here, do not be conscious about our other lists of websites and apps where you can get unlimited free movies and TV shows:

Top Ten (10) Best  Watch Free Movies And Tv Shows App APK Firestick For Android

Free Movies & TV Shows Apps

1. Crackle

Sony owns the free video streaming app Crackle. It allows an excellent collection of TV Shows and movies that can be run for free. The best part about the app is that it doesn’t require you to sign up for watching the video.

However, if you choose to sign up, it lets you keep track of watched movies. This free movie app in itself is ad-free, however, some of the videos might carry some ads.

Crackle runs the videos with high-quality video and sound, but you would need a good internet connection for an uninterrupted experience.

Free Online Movies Apps

This free streaming app has a vast catalog of movies and TV shows ranging from drama, action, thriller, etc. The search option works well, and there are filters for the genre, length, and alphabetic order to help you find what you need.

Why use Crackle?

•    A great selection of videos and TV programs

•    Subtitles present

•    No sign-up or subscription

•    Available for both iOS & Android

2. TubiTV

TubiTV is a different free video streaming app that entertains a broad selection of movies and TV Shows. The content is well classified into different genres, and the search option works very efficiently.

What I liked about the app is its nice dark theme and the media player.

The player gives subtitles for all the videos, lets you forward or rewind the track by 15 seconds and lock in landscape mode for a better viewing experience.

As far as the sound and video quality is concerned, it’s of high quality and the streaming rate is pretty decent, as I didn’t face any buffering issues. The only con I could find is the ads that appear after every 15 to 20 minutes.

Why use TubiTV?

•    Dark themed, subtitles available

•    High-quality videos

•    Available for both iOS & Android

3. Popcornflix

This free streaming app is fully dedicated to streaming movies and TV shows for free. It has a minimalistic interface that features different genres of films divided into a separate part.

You can check the new additions or the most popular part to explore more. Just like Netflix, it offers Popcornflix originals which makes it a good Netflix alternative.

Popcornflix sports a dark theme skin and plays movies and TV series at decent streaming speed. However, this free movie app may not be available in all countries so you can use a VPN to access the app content.

Why use Popcornflix?

•    Collection of new movies and TV series

•    No sign-up or subscription required

•    Available for both iOS & Android

4. Viewster

Viewster is another free and allowed streaming app you can use to watch different varieties of videos. Be it movies, TV shows, documentaries, news, cartoons or even funny clips; you will get it all here.

It doesn’t have a huge library as compared to the premium names in the online media streaming apps, but in case you are into anime and fandom, you can check out its expanding collection of anime content.

You can drop comments on each video just like YouTube and even add a reaction similar to Facebook’s react faces. On the top right corner of the media player, you will find a settings option to change streaming quality, audio and subtitles.

Viewster also lets you control a wishlist of videos you would like to watch and easy sharing options to share content with others.

Why use Viewster?

•    Great for watching Anime

•    Different streaming quality option present

•    Available for both iOS & Android

5. Snagfilms

For those who are into documentaries and classic movies, Snagfilms is the greatest free streaming app. It treats videos on topics such as Drama, Kids, Family, World History, Wildlife, Environment, etc.

It might frustrate you if you are looking for some TV series and the latest movies but if a few classic films are your thing, Snagfilms is a good option.

The app has a dark theme and gives trailers for each video. The best section is that it lets you download movies for offline streaming.

You can choose to set the download quality on this free movie app as per the amount of internet data you have. Subtitles option preferred by many user is found missing.

 Why use Snagfilms?

•    Dark theme app; offers previews

•    Downloading and offline viewing option

•    Available for both iOS & Android

Free Movies And Tv Shows App

6. Hotstar

Hotstar is a famous streaming app in India that lets you watch free Bollywood movies online. It has the most comprehensive collection of free Hindi movies and daily soaps.

The best section is that you don’t even need to sign up to stream videos on the app for free.hotstar mod apk

However, the free stuff is spread all over the app and you will have to look for thumbnails that don’t have ‘premium’ written on it – they are free! You can also enjoy Indian TV channels on the app.

Apart from the Hindi language, the app allows a decent collection of videos in English too.

Why use Hotstar?

•    Three video streaming quality: 720p, 360p, 120p

•    Offers news and sports as well

•    Available for both Android & iOS

7. Yidio

This free streaming app is an aggregator that takes content from various legal and free TV streaming references. While many of these references are paid, there are free options too on Yidio.

There is a complete section titled “Free Movies” and “Free TV shows” so don’t neglect to check them out.

8. Pluto TV

The Pluto TV app feels more like a regular television with its many live channels. There are separate segments for live TV streaming where you can flip through channels directly and Movies, TV show section where you get a huge collection of videos.

Its live TV channels work even without signing up and you can choose any channel to stream videos on different topics like travel, food, music, lifestyle, animals, sci-fi, etc.

The quick streaming speed of live TV channels impressed me and its easy to switch between the channels without any defense time.

Why use Pluto TV?

•    Clean interface

•    Loads videos quickly and in high quality

•    Available for both iOS & Android

9. Kodi

Ever considering the launch of Kodi, it has uniformly ranked as a favorite app between those who like to stream videos for free. While Kodi itself is a completely judicial app, certain add-ons stream pirated content.

Hence you should check out the 100% legal add-ons such as USTV Now to make positive you can stream TV shows, films, sports, documentaries, etc. without taking risks.

In case you are not sure, you can check out these Kodi add-ons for streaming videos on your Android and iPhones. Apart from these, there are many Kodi repositories as well where you can download favorite add-ons.

Why use Kodi?

•    An extremely versatile app that offers much more than videos

•    Easy to use

•    Thousands of add-ons available

10. YouTube

As usual, we cannot bound YouTube when it comes to free streaming apps. This video streaming app produces you the largest collection of videos compared to every category.

As far as streaming movies and TV shows are concerned, many YouTube channels would let you stream full-length videos for free but keep in mind that all of them are not allowed.

Therefore, it is desirable to check the validity of those sources on YouTube because even if you are not downloading those videos, streaming such copyrighted content is also rated illegal.

Why YouTube?

•    An extensive collection of videos

•    The good streaming speed at the different video quality

Final Words

Final Thoughts

All the free video streaming apps listed up are available for both iOS and Android. However, depending upon the country you are found in, some of the apps may not be available to you on the Play Store or App Store.

In that case, you can easily download the .apk files to install streaming apps for movies and TV shows. But again, I would advise you to be careful as installing from third-party sources can sometimes lead to the downloading of unwanted or harmful apps as well.

In case you feel I missed some awesome free and legal streaming app on this list, feel free to add your comments below! Keep reading Fossbytes and sharing your feedback.

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