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Super One Click Root Apk Free Download for Android / IOs / PC

Super One Click Root Apk is a web application that comes with wonderful services and benefits. You can enjoy it to root your Android and PC without any problem.

So, you have a chance to save your data and also root your device with a helpful source. It comes with fantastic features which include No ads, Awesome Interface, Protection, Compatibility, Perfect working, Easy backup, Easy and Free to download, Automatic update, etc.

You have a great chance to save to get an amazing web app that provides you with the same facilities that you want. You can root any device without extra effort and the services will surprise you.

Super One Click Root Apk Information:

It will never harm your device, and never harm your device data like files, photos, applications, videos, game apps, documents, etc. So, without any threat, you can root your smartphone with just one click.

Manage Your Android Device

You have the best option to select Super One Click Apk to manage and administrate your smartphone. It is a suitable application that can be run on any Android version without any problem.

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Super One Click Latest Mod Version is a compatible application with several devices in which includes; Samsung Spice devices, Motorola Droid, Nexus One, and Samsung i9000.

If you have any of these devices then you have a chance to use them to root your device and save your data from harmful attacks. Super One Click allows the users to control the device and administrate it.

When you decide to route your mobile phone before the additional software such as HTC Desire GSM, HTC Wildfire (HTC Buzz), Sprint Evo 4G (HTC Supersonic), Droid Incredible (HTC Incredible), and HTC Area.

Complete Protection

Super One Click Apk enables the users to keep safe there all their data safe. In the rooting process, you will never face any type of risk like data crashing, any threat, harm, etc. It is a totally safe app that may protect your device data.

It is not only used to root your device because it can perform many other tasks such as eliminating risks and issues. Moreover, it can remove all risks and errors from your smartphone.

If you have installed so many harmful apps on your Android smartphone or tablet and now you are facing some issues with your device. Then you can use Super One Click to remove all risks and issues.

Major Features

Super One Click APK Features

The apk version of the super one-click application provides a bundle of features that are beneficial for all users. These are as follows:

No ads

This mod version provides an ads-free application to all users. So, if you don’t want to see any ads on your app, then you can get this latest free version without ads. Hence, you have no need to pay for any rooting app because Super One Click is available free for everyone.

Awesome Interface

The interface makes Super One Click Apk a more useful app because it helps to run the software smoothly on your device. You will never face any problems or risks.


As it is a super-friendly app and can be useful on any smartphone or tablet. It is compatible with all Android versions and the users of smartphones can root their devices with full protection.

Perfect Working

Super One Click Apk is perfect to administrate your smartphone. You have to just download and install it on your device and it will help you with just one click. It is super fast and provides quick results. You have no need for any other rooting app to remove all risks for your device.

Easy Backup

This amazing super-fast app provides you with an easy backup option. So it will save your data and backup it to recover later after the rooting process.

Free to download

Apk version helps you to download a useful rooting app without any payment process. So, it means that you will never waste your money to get a Super One-Click Application because it is completely free to download and install.

Automatically update

This web application also comes with another feature that will update this software without any effort. So, every latest version of Super One Click Software Apk will be automatically updated.

How to Download Super One Click Apk Full Version for PC and Android.

It is not rocket science to download apk files on your smartphone because the method is so simple. However, within seconds, you can get the latest version of web applications. But if you have never downloaded any apk file on your device, then you should follow some steps. These are as follows:

  • You need to open your device settings and go to the options. There will be advanced options, so you have to tap and move ahead.
  • Now just select the unknown sources and enable it from disable. This step is necessary because you need to allow your device to download or accept apk files without any issue.
  • Now go to the WiFi options and check your internet connection.
  • Open this web page and find the download button to get the Super One Click the original version.
  • Now, wait for the download process which will take a few seconds if your internet is fast.

How to Install Super One Click Root Apk

Now you have to follow some installation steps, which are as follows:

  • Get the downloaded apk file from the file manager.
  • You can now extract newly downloaded apk files with the WinRAR app.
  • You will see the original app file, so just tap on it and install the Super One Click app on your smartphone.
  • Enjoy the latest version that is totally free and useful.
Final Words


Super One Click Apk is the right choice to root your Android devices and administrate your smartphone data. If you are facing some risks, or errors in your Android, then you should use this amazing software which will manage everything and remove the risks without any problem.

So, without wasting your money and time, you have a great chance to use a platform that provides complete protection and other services. This apk version of Super One Click will allow you to use advanced options without any issues.

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