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Youtube Vanced Apk Mod Download Latest Version 2023

Here you can find the perfect option that is YouTube Vanced Apk for Android and iOS is an alternative version of the YouTube app, that lets users stream countless videos in the background and copy them if they want to, all in an interface that’s simple and easy to use.

Android developers have a big community in the market. Today half of the world finds fast and high streaming content.

With video streaming instantly becoming one of the most bankable online content-using models, developers are struggling to come up with the most active streaming apps, valuable content broadcasting platforms, and apps that make streaming lots of fun.

YouTube Vanced APK File Information:

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App name YouTube Vanced Apk
Developer Youtube Vanced
Platform Android, IOS
Size 63.61MB
Version 14.21.54
Installs 14,845,557
Price Free

Equipped with plenty of features that YouTube unhappily lacks, the app comes with various perks that add built-in ad blockers and a dark theme.

The ad-blockers help to stop third-party sites from tracking your phone and movement, and the app is also tweaked to give increased security and performance. This app is accessible now with the newly updated version (v15.35.42) and is chockful of various new features.

If you have been looking at a video streaming app that makes sure battery and phone optimization, it looks no further than YouTube Vanced Apk.

Major Features

Features of YouTube Vanced

Some necessary functions of the app include built-in adblockers, black/dark themes that can be toggled on or off, and a possibility that lets you stream videos in the background without having to resort to YouTube Premium. It enables users to view videos in Forced HDR mode, which ups the video quality considerably.

The app also lets users cancel the maximum resolution that is pre-set by the default settings on the phone. Some other excellent features additional options to pinch and zoom the videos while streaming – a gem that sets it apart from other video streaming apps.

YouTube Vanced Apk also helps picture-in-picture mode, and has controls for brightness and volume, in the secondary themes.

This app has a PiP mode which starts a pop-up video box that lets you multi-tasking. So you can now see videos while performing other things, with the Picture mode. This app also allows users to download videos for offline viewing, just the same as the official YouTube app.

A unique feature that can be viewed in the app is the ability to copy YouTube videos or allow users to play videos on the loop. The feature is easy to use and can be equipped by following a few easy steps.

  • Step 1. Post-installation and have to open it and click on your profile.
  • Step 2. Then, click on “Settings”.
  • Step 3. In the settings panel, hover over “Auto Play” and you can disable the option for “Autoplay next video”.
  • Step 4. After that go to the settings menu, and click on “Vanced Settings”.
  • Step 5. In the “Vanced Settings” menu, click on “Misc”.
  • Step 6. Change the toggle button on for “Auto Repeat” and “Auto-Repeat – Background Playback”.

You all fix it now; any video that you now stream will be played on a loop. If you think you don’t have enough use for the feature right away, you can disable it by toggling off “Auto Repeat” and “Auto-Repeat – Background Playback” and allowing “Autoplay next video” again.

New Changes to the app

The newly updated version of YouTube Vanced apk now bears various changes that have created using this app more comfortably.

  1. The current version of the app now stands at v15.05.54
  2. Automatic subtitles have presented a way to Live Captions.
  3. Google has fully removed the old mini-player.
  4. The new version also bears all the bug fixes that Google has done to YouTube over the past various months.

Now the updated version makes for a more surprising streaming experience, however, the update also includes numerous changes that are difficult to miss.

  1. The newly updated version no longer helps the installation of Magisk, as the root installation and Magisk installation are now much related.
  2. Installation methods for rooted and non-rooted devices have felt a sea variance.
  3. Fans with Xiaomi’s MIUI phones will have to follow a totally different installation procedure for the non-root variant of the app.

How to Get YouTube Vanced on your phone?

The installation process for the app has been extensively changed, and there are numerous ways to install it as the following guide will describe.

Users with rooted devices can use these steps

  • You need to use a Magisk module or any such related app to disable the automatic APK verification. Magisk modules work on devices with Android 9 or below versions.
  • If you have an Android 10 device, you can use Xposed+ CorePatcher.
  • Have the SAI (Split APK Installer) app installed and allow root mode.
  • Pick the .apk files you wish to download.
  • Click on the “Install” option.

For non-rooted devices, users can do the following

  • Download a changed version of Google Play Services called MicroG and need to install it.
  • From the Play Store, you can install the SAI or Split APK Installer app.

Xiaomi users have several options to choose from

Option 1

  1. You need to go to “Developer Options” and deactivate optimization for MIUI. Always remember this thing, this may delete all permissions for apps.
  2. You need to open the Split APK Installer and make sure that the option for “signed APK” is disabled. Then go ahead with the installation of Vanced in the regular non-root way.

Option 2

  1. You can install the Shiziku app from the genuine app and follow all the guidelines carefully.
  2. You have to go to SAI and enable Shiziku mode.
  3. Finally, you have a YouTube Vanced apk installed on your phone.

Option 3

Additional option to install the latest Vanced by using ADB.

Download Vanced Mod APK:

  1. Make sure you have selected the .apk file from the ZIP folder.
  2. You have to change the name of the file from 05.54_API21(nodpi)(vBlack-v2.1.0)-vanced.apk to YouTube_15.05.54_API21nodpivBlack-v2.1.0-vanced.apk
  3. Now you have to run this command while you are still connected to the phone.
  4. Then manually have MicroG installed on your phone.

YouTube Vanced Apk is an excellent way to navigate the world of video streaming, while on an interface that’s very related to the parent YouTube app and also with extra features that are completely free to use.

FAQs / How To

How to Download Youtube Vanced Apk Latest Version Free for Android/IOS (Premium Unlocked):

Click on the button below to start downloading the Racing Rivals MOD Apk.
Click on the OK and the download process will begin immediately.
After the download is completed, the installation page shall open up.
Press Install and follow the instructions.

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